Villa Pietra Hotel was put into service as an extra virgin olive oil factory in the Ayvalık region in 1908 during the Ottoman Empire, and about 100 years later, it was purchased by businessman Mustafa Büyükçıvgın, restoration and strengthening works were carried out in accordance with the original and the place was brought back to life.  As Villa Pietra Hotel, we invite our valued guests to sink the evening sun from the pony hills with a color harmony that includes every tone of orange, accompanied by a panoramic sea view.

With its seafront location where you will witness the visual feast of fish closely, the hotel is right in the heart of Ayvalık, on the shore of the historical Ayvalık texture embracing the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. It carries the past to the present with its architecture that reflects every square of history. Thanks to this special location, you can touch the historical texture of Ayvalık on foot, get lost while exploring the Greek houses and streets reminiscent of a movie plateau, and accompany the sunset while resting on our hotel’s pier or on our viewing terrace in the evening.

With its Ayvalık panorama, historical texture and authentic Ayvalık environment, Villa Pietra Hotel aims to offer you peace and quality, and indescribable tastes with its boutique restaurant. In the center of Ayvalık, its rooms prepared with the taste of the old, the comfort of the new, the pleasing smell of the sea, its hospitable employees and the world. Villa Pietra Hotel shares its magical atmosphere and flavors with its lovers. We look forward to meeting you, our esteemed guests, in this hidden paradise where the landscape and historical Ayvalık texture meet with love.

As Villa Pietra, we want to create a concept where we can accept our guests under the age of 12 in the future due to the hotel concept, we thank you for the understanding of our valued guests until this time, and we continue to work together for you to enjoy our hotel.