Dear Guests,

  • In our hotel, our guest rooms are disinfected before check-in and after check-out.
  • Disinfectant apparatuses are available in the indoor and outdoor areas of our hotel.
  • Every area of our hotel is regularly disinfected by our professional team.
  • At the entrance of the guests to our hotel, a form is filled in accordance with the Covid-19 procedure and the temperature of our guests is measured. In a possible case, it is immediately intervened by the private health institution we have contracted with. The private health institution with which we have a contract regularly checks in our hotel.
  • In our hotel, hot meals are served individually by the chef, and cold preferences are prepared and stretched before the meal is offered to the guests.
  • All staff who is working in our hotel is given trainings within the scope of hygiene and Covid-19 measures.
  • First of all, the health and comfort of our guests is important to us.

Villa Pietra Hotel has taken all the necessary precautions for you. We are waiting for you for a nice, safe, fun and quality holiday.